PTSD and Traumatic Experiences

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Do you have PTSD or have you suffered a traumatic experience?

If you have PTSD or have had a deeply distressing experience of any kind, you may be feeling anxious and angry, and suffering from flashbacks, poor sleep, intrusive thoughts and images. These debilitating symptoms may make you feel out of control and as a result have an extremely negative impact on some or perhaps all areas of your life. It can feel as if you’re just treading water. So often, people are diagnosed with PTSD, but are then told that there is no cure, or are given treatment that actually makes the symptoms worse, and so their suffering continues unnecessarily.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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A different approach to PTSD and Trauma

We understand how PTSD and trauma can affect your life, your relationships and your job and how it can make you feel as though your life will never be the same again. We use proven techniques to remove embedded patterns of trauma which cause the symptoms. Having vast experience in dealing with complex trauma and PTSD, we work with great success with PTSD Resolution, a Veteran’s charity, and The Red Poppy Company, treating ex-soldiers and emergency service personnel who have been exposed to deeply traumatic situations.

In each session we will only discuss the relevant issues connected to the traumatic event you require help with. This means we won’t dredge up the past unnecessarily, and you won’t have to tell us details that you would rather not share. Our free phone consultation enables you to better explain how we work and to gain an initial understanding of the issues that you are struggling with.

We’re proud to have a 97% success rate dealing with trauma


I cannot thank you enough for how you have helped me over the last four weeks and especially the speed at which I started to notice improvements in how I was feeling.

I firmly believe now that certain events are in the past and they won’t be with me again. It was refreshing not to dig up large parts of my life in order to help me with the acute difficulties I was facing. I was dreading bringing up historic family relationships, past personal difficulties and challenges as I have done in previous counselling. Whilst those issues are annoying, they weren’t what was troubling me when I came to you. The trauma I have been processing has made me feel very vulnerable, yet I always felt in control of what I told you.

There did not seem to be a need for you to extract information that I perhaps may not have wanted to talk about. I felt that only what I wanted to tell you was enough, and that gave me a lot of confidence with my feeling of vulnerability…I truly feel blessed that you have helped me in possibly one of the most challenging times of my life, when I did not know how to help myself.

(Name withheld)

This is not a long drawn-out process; in just a few sessions you could be feeling like your old self. We work on a session by session basis, and therefore there is no long-term commitment to the therapy, just book and pay for one session at a time. Imagine the relief you will feel when you understand what is happening in your brain and why you feel like do! Because of this, you can begin feeling better from the very first session and start to get your life and relationships back on track. We always have choices to make. What will you choose today? Will you do nothing and stay the same? Or will you pick up the phone today and change your life forever? You don’t have to continue suffering, you can make a lasting change right now.

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