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We are an established, psychotherapy and counselling practice,
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At New Life Therapy we understand the importance of getting to the heart of what’s troubling you and agreeing the right treatment from the start, but also the necessity to feel safe and able to trust us at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable and isolated. Please remember that we have supported many people with difficult, complex issues and will always work at a pace that will gently and effectively help you to move forward with your recovery.

Tanya Lee

After struggling for years to find effective help to overcome depression, my life changed in 2007 when I met a Human Givens therapist. This was a catalyst to inspire me to train as a therapist myself. I help clients overcome many issues, specialising in low self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and trauma.

Russ McKenzie

Combining knowledge gained from being a teacher and practitioner of meditation and mindfulness for 15 years, with therapeutic techniques, I help clients to overcome the stresses that affect them in their everyday lives. I am a regular laid-back ‘bloke’ who specialises in PTSD, anger, depression, migraines, anxiety and panic attacks.

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Many people struggle privately with their mental health, often ignoring their problems and simply doing nothing about it. Others may look to their immediate network of family and friends for support. However, once you have taken that first step and accepted that you are suffering, it is important that you seek out professional help from an experienced therapist. They will determine exactly what the issue is and how best to support you.

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What our clients say 


I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Tanya at a time when I felt like I just couldn’t cope anymore. In just 6 short sessions she helped me to change my outlook on situations life had put me through. My healing started almost immediately, and I have been left feeling stronger and more able to cope, than ever before. I would recommend Tanya in a heartbeat to anyone. She has helped me and my family. Thank you Tanya.


I was referred to New Life Therapy by a PTSD charity where I met Russ. After just one appointment with him, it started to turn my life around. I was given the tools and understanding to feel better about myself and what had happened in my life. If it wasn’t for his guidance I doubt my own existence. I would recommend anyone and everyone to New Life Therapy that needs any assistance with depression, PTSD or any mental health issues. Thank you, New Life Therapy!


Highly recommend professional therapy, delivered in a relaxing environment and not rushed. I will undoubtedly return should the need arise. Could not be more grateful for the help I’ve been given, will return if I need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how our sessions work

So you are thinking about getting help but what next?

It is one thing to accept that you need to get help but it is another to actually try to find it.  New Life Therapy offers a free initial telephone consultation with either Russ or Tanya. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and for us to explain the techniques that we use and how they will help you.

What will a session involve?

It is understandable that you will be feeling nervous and unsure especially in the run up to your first session with us. Our belief is that you should feel able to speak with someone who listens to you without judgement and offers an insight into why your emotions are affecting you as they are.

It is important that you connect with your therapist so that you feel confident to take the first step on your journey to recovery.

Our sessions are comfortable and informal and will address a maximum of one or two issues. We factor in time at the end of each session to enable you to leave feeling more relaxed, positive and hopeful. We both believe that therapy should never be painful. Our aim is to get to the heart of the problem as soon as possible and to offer a solution that works for you.

How much does it cost?



Sessions are charged at £75 each.

They are typically 60 to 90 minutes long but can be up to 2 hours at our discretion. Most people typically have between 2 and 4 sessions. So for less than £300 you can conquer the issues you've been facing, making it better value than many other private therapies. The skills you will learn during your recovery will help you to deal with whatever life throws at you, so think of it as a course in wellbeing. Payment can be made at each session and we accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.



Will I have to sign up to a block of sessions?

Once you book an appointment we will not ask you to commit to anything. Everybody’s progress is different and you can make appointments at your own pace as and when you need them.

How can I be sure this therapy is right for me?

There is no ‘one size fits all,’ and it is important that we personalise our therapy to meet your specific requirements. Within our practice we use a blend of CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques. We will give you tools to use in between sessions and importantly the knowledge of how to use these tools once treatment has finished, to maintain your recovery and sustain your mental health for the future. It may help you to decide whether to proceed by reading some of our client reviews.

What will the first session involve?

The first session is a really important one as it will help to shape the framework for your plan of treatment. Your therapist will initially ask what you would like help with. This is the perfect opportunity to explain to you how the brain works and why you may be feeling as you do. After our discussion we will decide upon the best strategy for your particular situation. You should start to see some progress as soon as we begin but we can be flexible in our approach and adapt and update it to keep pace with your needs. Remember you are in control of your therapy and we will always listen to you.         



Google Rating
Based on 110 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 110 reviews


Tanya: 07899 980766

Russ: 07760 301992

Landline: 01702 241416