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Beat anxiety and take back control

Is anxiety holding you back and stopping you from living the life you want? Physical symptoms may be distressing you, and along with repetitive thoughts and poor sleep it can sometimes feel like you’re never going to get back to the way you used to be. 

It’s debilitating, and no one should have to live their life this way. 

We help people every day beat anxiety and get their lives back
Our approach is simple:
  • Longer sessions so that you feel heard and understood
  • Effective techniques to get to the root of the symptoms behind the anxiety quickly, and deal with them
  • No long-term upfront commitment. Book one session at a time.
  • Tools to use following your sessions that will make you more emotionally resilient and better able to deal with whatever life brings


You can make positive changes and begin to thrive
rather than living in fear and staying at the mercy of anxiety


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so that you can be assured that our therapy is right for you

We really hope you’re ready to get in touch, and make a lasting change for the better. No more constant worrying, fear and anxiety. After your first session, you could be sleeping better, be more relaxed, have a greater understanding of anxiety and be well on the way to your new life.

Our methods work

Professional qualifications, extensive experience and training in CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness techniques

All Clients Receive

Empowering knowledge
Personalised exercises and techniques
Access to additional information

Free phone consultation

Call the therapist of your choice and let us answer your questions and explain how we can help you


If you are living with anxiety, not only can the symptoms you are experiencing prevent you from doing the things that you used to enjoy or need to do, but, long-term, it can also be detrimental to your health.

Here at New Life Therapy, we are highly experienced in treating anxiety, using proven methods that work quickly and effectively. 

We are not like other therapies, we don’t believe that therapy should be painful or confusing or unnecessarily intrusive. Our therapy is like a course in wellbeing, dealing with the issues that are causing you problems and giving you the information you need to understand and cope with your emotions yourself. 

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We will suggest a variety of beneficial techniques for you to carry out between sessions to maintain and increase your progress. As you start to move forward in your recovery we will work on setting goals and use guided imagery to help you achieve them. This will help to make normal life less threatening and enable you to view it as increasingly achievable in your mind.



Your Recovery...Your Pace

Most clients have an average of four sessions, but we will always work at a pace that ensures you never feel rushed or forced. You should start to feel more in control from the very first session.

Feel more confident

Learn how to use the techniques we show you to face everyday life with confidence and a more positive outlook.


Maintaining your recovery is vital. We always ensure that you leave our care with a full understanding of why you experienced anxiety but also the ability to practice the exercises and techniques you have learnt once you are at home to reduce and prevent it in the future. And you can always contact us again for advice or further information.

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Google Rating
Based on 108 reviews


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