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The answer is yes! Here at New Life Therapy, we understand how debilitating panic attacks can be and the dramatic affect they can have on your’s and your family’s wellbeing. Using a mix of proven methods such as CBT and NLP, together with hypnotherapy techniques, we can determine what is causing the attacks in the first place and deal with what’s behind them. Taking an integrated approach means that we can tailor our methods to suit your situation and help you make panic attacks a thing of the past.

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Panic Attacks

Many people suffer from panic attacks and whilst it may seem that they occur out of the blue, they are a sign that our anxiety levels are too high. Once we have had an initial panic attack, the fear of having another one will increase.

This adds to our anxiety levels and can become a problem in itself. Sufferers often start to avoid the places where attacks occur but this means that, quite unintentionally, the fear that they will occur again means everyday life will be affected.

how to reduce panic attacks

Drink water

A dry mouth sends fear signals to your brain, so if you’re fearing a panic attack, try a few sips of water.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise will always promote good health but it also helps to dissipate the stress hormones that are released into your body when you are anxious, and reducing anxiety lessens the likelihood of having a panic attack.

Relaxation techniques

Make a point of learning relaxation techniques such as meditation or mindfulness to help promote an overall feeling of calm.

Breathing Exercise

When you start to feel an attack coming on try to adopt this breathing exercise to slow your heart rate down and prevent you from feeling dizzy or faint. If you can make it a part of your daily routine first thing in the morning and last thing at night it will promote an overall feeling of calmness and help you to be better able to cope with any attacks that do occur.

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