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Our integrated approach means that we can tailor our methods to suit your situation and help you make anxiety a thing of the past.

In our sessions, we offer:


Effective strategies to overcome your anxiety


Treatment for the issues behind the symptoms


Tried and tested methods that work


Longer sessions so you feel heard and understood


Are you worrying and going over the same thoughts again and again?

Anxious thoughts raise our emotional levels, and when we are in this state, our thinking is fractured and unclear.


Mostly people want help with something that’s affecting them today and don’t want to rehash their pasts over and over. That’s why it is vital that your therapist is committed to dealing with past issues only if they are causing a problem today, and uses techniques that solve those issues rather than dragging them up unnecessarily session after session.
You may have had therapy before and not found it helpful in the longterm, but not all therapy is equal. If you have simply been given techniques to deal with the issue yourself, it is only a matter of time before the problems begin to take over again. Our therapy will get to the root of the problem, meaning you don’t have to keep employing coping strategies to deal with them in the future.
We can help you to quickly resolve your problems, helping you to gain clarity and move forwards.

Do you want to overcome your anxiety?


Deal with issues

We won’t ask you to talk about everything from your past, only the things that are causing you problems today.


Piece of mind

When we discuss an issue, we will deal with it in that session, we won’t ask you to talk about it again and again.


Talk with experienced therapists

We will explain how the brain works and the reason you are suffering the way you are.


Techniques to use at home

We will offer helpful and practical things that you can do between sessions to increase their effectiveness.


Proven techniques that work

We will use techniques that will help you to put troubling past experiences behind you so you can move on.


Overcome anxiety and reach your goals

We will help and guide you towards goals that you want to achieve by removing the obstacles in your way.

What is stopping you?

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We don't just talk about your worries

When seeing a therapist, it is not enough to just talk about your problems. Going over and over something is likely to increase anxiety. That is why it’s important to choose a therapist who can help you to understand the causes behind the anxiety and help you to remove them quickly.
Then you have the chance to be able to think more clearly, and reduce anxiety, even in an unresolved or ongoing situation.
When you have tools and a clear understanding of how the brain works, you can be in better control of your mental health for the rest of your life.

Tanya Lee


After struggling for years to find effective help to overcome depression, my life changed in 2007 when I met a Human Givens therapist. This was the catalyst that inspired me to train as a therapist myself. I help clients to overcome many issues and specialise in low self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and trauma.


Russell McKenzie


Combining knowledge gained from being a teacher and practitioner of meditation and mindfulness for 15 years, with therapeutic techniques, I help clients to overcome the stresses that affect them in their everyday lives. I am a regular laid-back ‘bloke’ who specialises in PTSD, anger, depression, migraines, anxiety and panic attacks.


What people are saying

“The service offered by New Life Therapy is remarkable. Tanya really takes the time out to understand your problems and does actually resolve them. She has been a massive help. I would highly recommend New Life Therapy for anyone struggling to cope."

Ricky Stevens – Now Anxiety Free

“I went to Russ after a very difficult time in my life which I buried and ignored until I couldn't ignore it any more. I was a shell of myself and suffered badly with depression, anxiety and low self esteem, after only 4 sessions I am feeling like my old self and excited to see what my new future brings. "

Katy Bright – Now Anxiety Free

If you have reached the point where you think enough is enough then there really is only one way forward.

You may, when feeling low, think that you would benefit from seeing a therapist to help you with your anxiety, but then something lifts your mood and you put it off again!
Most people put off beginning therapy because they think that it will be painful and lengthy. It is a common perception that this is the case with counselling. However, our therapy is not lengthy and certainly nowhere near as painful as constantly suffering from anxiety.
When we are anxious, our stress response is active in our bodies. This is a natural state and designed to spur us to action to deal with the problem. However, when we don’t really know what the cause of the problem is or how to deal with it, the state of anxiety becomes an everyday occurrence. We are not meant to live our lives in this way. This continual state of stress affects us in multiple ways; it adversely affects our dreaming and sleep quality, and our ability to think and make decisions, it lowers our immune systems and makes simple everyday life difficult.

If you are thinking that you need help with your anxiety, then now is the time to start.

It will be quicker and more effective than you could ever have imagined.