Can Anger Be Controlled?

by | Feb 25, 2018 | Anger

Is it Possible to Stop Being Angry?

Most of us have experienced anger at some point, and though we view it negatively, it’s actually a gift of nature. It allows us to protect ourselves when we feel under threat. It can keep us safe, when we need to protect ourselves. But when it happens for no apparent reason, or gets way out of control and out of proportion to the situation, then we have a problem.

What are the longterm effects of anger?

The NHS website states that long-term, unresolved anger is linked to health conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and heart disease.

In a survey by the Mental Health Foundation, 32% of people said they had a close friend or family member who had trouble controlling their anger.

Is anger harming your relationship?

Senaa Hyder M.S. Ed., writing on behalf of the world renowned Gottman Institute, tells us,  ‘anger can overwhelm even the most self-reflective and self-aware person. When you are flooded, your pulse races and your limbic system takes over, making rational thought almost impossible. It’s important to understand that anger is often a red herring which covers up more vulnerable feelings such as embarrassment, sadness, and hopelessness.’

Many of us have shouted or screamed at someone we love and shortly afterwards looked in their eyes and felt guilty and sorry for the outburst.

You may be acutely aware that the light this person carries for us in their eyes is slowly dimming with each outburst you have. You tell them that you’re sorry and will never do it again (and you totally mean it) until it happens again.

It’s not that you want it to, it’s just that you can’t seem to stop it. UNTIL NOW!

What can be done?

We can make a huge difference to our anger levels by exercising, practicing meditation and doing deep breathing exercises. These are all great ways to gain some control over the problem and to reduce our emotional stress levels. But sometimes the reasons behind the angry behaviour need resolving. And that’s where counselling can be helpful.

You may be thinking, I had counselling before and it didn’t help. But not all counselling is the same. Sometimes it’s a bit like going to the doctor with a painful right arm and them treating the left one! We won’t sign you up for a long series of sessions, but instead will aim to work with you as quickly as possible to get to the heart of the reason behind your anger.

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