Relationship Problems Post Christmas and How to Resolve Them

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Couples, Depression

According to a poll of 2000 spouses in 2015, as many as 1 in 5 couples contact a solicitor due to relationship problems after celebrating one last Christmas together!

There will be some of you reading this who have just spent Christmas with someone you once adored, wishing you were somewhere else.

It could be that you have been depressed about your relationship for many years but didn’t want to tackle it before Christmas – because of the effect on the kids or other relations at this special time of year – but have decided that enough is enough.

Or it may be that the pressures of the holiday season suddenly and starkly highlighted areas in your relationship that are just not working. As you were packing away the decorations, with thoughts of next year in your mind, you know something has to change.

Couples therapy for relationship problems

With the opportunity to pause and reflect on New Year’s resolutions promising a new year, new you, you may decide that now is the time to tackle relationship issues.

It’s possible that couples counselling could help.

Being in a relationship takes work because we are all wired in different ways. Women like to talk about their emotions and what is upsetting them with their friends, whereas the majority of men are more likely to keep it to themselves.

A successful relationship is balanced and both partners help each other to be better. Sometimes we lose our way and need some help.

Sometimes there’s a thought or an image that we can’t let go of; something that a partner may have said or done. You want to forgive but can’t seem to forget.

Get in touch to learn how Human Givens therapy can help couples to understand the differences and find healthy ways to deal with the causes of friction in the relationship and use that new understanding to restore harmony.

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